lunes, 16 de mayo de 2011

Description of the project:

Drawing upon Dutch architectural heritage, West 8's plan for Borneo Sporenburg was inspired by villages on the former Zuiderzee, where small, intimate houses descend towards the water. Borneo Sporenburg masterplan was a residential brief of 2500 dwellings, set those two peninsulas as one planning area, dictating a high density of housing. In numbers the project, according the C.A.B.E, is described as:
• Average density: 100 dwellings per hectare (the 600 dwellings in the three large housing blocks bring up the average density)
• Number of dwellings: 2,500 for Borneo Sporenburg / 17,000 for the Eastern Docklands
• Client: City of Amsterdam
• Designer: masterplan by West 8;
• The individual units were designed by international and local architects
• Year: 1996-2000
The whole masterplan was divided into a variety of house types, distinctive apartment blocks and the waterfront, adding character at the Borneo Sporenburg housing development and make the neighborhood easy to navigate. The masterplan was designed by West 8, however, six architectural practices were also asked to conduct a study into dwellings with ground-level entrances, investigating the possibilities for developing good neighborhood areas with a pleasant environment.

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