miércoles, 25 de mayo de 2011

Beton Hala Waterfront: Arches from the Past & Green Slopes

Proposal by Sanzpont Arquitectura for the Beton Hala Waterfront. Arches of the Belgrade Fortress have been reinterpreted to form a modern and iconic arcade linking the past with the present and future. The Green Slopes from Kalemegdan Park have been the main inspiration for creating a green building to expand the city’s natural landscape. Sava River Waveforms spread inland to create an elevated panoramic walkway integrated with the existing building.

Urban Design: A Park that brings together Visitors and Locals

Kalemegdan Park Expansion to the River Sava by a green roof building that extends the garden and recreational areas of the city. The green skin minimizes environmental impact, preserving the natural landscape of the site. Urban Connections to the City’s Past and Present where pedestrians can move freely in all directions without crossing with cars and trains. Through a central plaza, the project creates an urban node and a reference point that connects all the spaces. Scenic viewpoints at different levels that take advantage of views of the river and the city, making the journey a pleasant walk.

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