martes, 19 de abril de 2011

Bryghusgrunden mixed use, Copenhagen / OMA

Realdania is a strategic foundation that initiates and supports built projects that improve the quality of life in . They are involved in aprox. 54 flagship projects, and now they are starting a building in Bryghusgrunden, one of the few undeveloped remaining areas of Copenhagen, with the potential to link the city to the waterfront. And guess who they choose for this project: OMA.

But what´s interesting in this project is the mixed of use. Housing, offices, public spaces and parking are put together with the Danish Architecture Center, with its own exhibition areas, research facilities, an auditorium, conference rooms, a bookstore and a café. It´s architecture meets one of it´s own key subject of study: .

El enlace presenta diagramas, renders y videos sobre el proyecto antes mencionado de uso mixto.

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