viernes, 15 de abril de 2011

Moon Bridge_Kaohsiung_[Taiwan]

We’re happy to share JAJA Architcts lastest project – a proposal for a moon bridge that intends to unify the waterfront city of Kaohsiung for their Maritime and Culture Center.  For the competition, the architects focused on the city’s love of the river, creating a form that gracefully sweeps across the Love River adding programmatic activities and a programmed landscape to the riverfront.

Typical of JAJA’s work, the proposal offers a simplistic breakdown of community’s urban needs and satisfies these concerns with efficient solutions.  Divided by the river, the site take full advantage of the water as it serves as “the spine of the city where the urban spaces along the water stages a variety of markets, cafés and music events.”

The spine of public life has greatly influenced JAJA’s proposal as their moon bridge seeks to extend this spine across the river.    The proposal connects to the adjacent park developments and stretches itself from each end of the “U”-shaped site.   The Maritime Culture and Pop Music Center will actually extend from street level across the river forming the moon bridge.

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