lunes, 17 de enero de 2011

A Temporary Program for The Assigned Site of Group 3

I would like to quote a paragraph from "Landscapes of Infrastructure" by Elizabeth Mossop.
Infrastructure increasingly provides the public spaces of our cities, and the infrastructure of movement is essential presence in the developed world. Whether for cars, bicycles, or people, it is the connection of elements to one another that is the foundation of urban and suburban life. Like other infrastructure, roads are required to perform multiple functions: they must fulfill the requirements of public space and must be connected to other functioning urban systems of public transit, pedestrian movement, water management, economic development, public facilities, and ecological systems. These demands are therefore propelling new design approaches.
Group 3 is assigned to Bo. Las Monjas, this site is parallel to the Ponce De Leon Ave. in Hato Rey.
Jpeg above is a temporary proposed program, where the Condo. Las Gladiolas are currently standing but, soon to be demolished next month.
The program was developed to interact with it's surrounding of the High Income Area, with a Low Income Housing Site; without having the residents from Las Monjas feel excluded from the current affairs of a fast urban development.

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